Taking The Slow Road

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Creativity and the benefits of the slower road.

I’m at a cycle in my life where everything is changing. Some of you may know I’ve long practiced Astrology. There’s a planet called Saturn renowned for being a timekeeper in various ways. Saturn takes it’s own time when its aspecting a person’s natal chart, and at times it can feel like a long slog, the benefit of a Saturn cycle is that it will ask us to slow down in order to build solid foundations with awareness. We are human of course and it takes time to realise what rhythm and flow is most productive for us, what choices are best to take. I’ve found over the last decade that taking a more spacious approach to creating and living is beneficial to me. I create higher quality work by simplifying, which also makes me more efficient. It allows my work to come from the heart and I have more space to be authentic to my wellbeing too.

It’s also helpful to remember that continuous growth, including economic and business growth is a forced cycle, its not natural to farm out production day-to-day ongoing, month to month, year-to-year. To be sustainable nature needs fallow rest periods in it’s cycle and as human beings we are not separate from nature in any way, life challenges will occur for each of us at regular points and we need more rest and further self-compassion over those times, this is normal.

So I don’t fire out finished work every week, and although there are benefits to social media and it can be a great platform for creativity, I’m mindful how much I post. I know many people are feeling the same in various ways and wanting to steer their life and work towards more authentic living.

I have a daily mindfulness practice each morning and evening and extend this practice throughout my day-to-day tasks. I am looking regularly at what I can simplify which in turn takes care of my sensitivity, keeps things spacious, and helps creativity flourish.

I hope you find some seeds of inspiration in this post.

Winter warm wishes, SOPHIA ☆